Nice to e-meet you. My name is Patrick May.

I’ve sold an original narrative comedy concept to one of Australia’s leading comedy production companies, provided script coverage for a top¬†Australian distributor and story analysis to Australia’s leading production houses, received development funding from Screen Australia and made a short film with Tall Story Films.

I’m currently working at Screen Australia and may not be able to help you as a freelancer. But feel free to get in touch anyway.

I’m Sydney-born but was raised in Tamworth, Australia’s country music capital, so I know what it’s like to cross some thresholds.

I’ve worked as a journalist and a consultant, so I know to listen, and to meet a deadline.

I love – love – screen stories, but I do get out of the cinema. I can also be found at gigs of pretty much all musical genres (I’ll be the annoyingly tall one) or in Sydney FC’s Sky Blue in Bay 26 of the Sydney Football Stadium (I’ll be the tall annoying one).

If you want to see my favourite screen stories, click here.